Acting Reviews

Atlanta Journal Constitution  Regina  The Little Foxes  2011  "Jessica Phelps West, an Atlanta actress who seems to have an intuitive grasp on the coldly calculating all-devouring Southern female."

Atlanta Journal Constitution  Elise  Crooked  2007  "….showcasing the mesmerizing craft of Jessica Phelps West, 'Crooked' is one of the most moving and essential theatrical experiences of the season…"

Atlanta Journal Constitution  Blanche  A Streetcar Named Desire  2001  "Jessica Phelps West is an incandescent Blanche DuBois…She’s conflicted, complex and impossible to take your eyes from. Acting doesn’t get any better than this anywhere."

Creative Loafing  Blanche  A Streetcar Named Desire  2001  "In playing the deluded Dixie belle, West never oversells Blanche’s artifice of etiquette, keeping the role from caricature...West’s Blanche is no ethereal near nutcase but a sadly solid figure, with a lived-in Southern accent and refined, flirty mannerisms."

Atlanta Journal Constitution  Hedda  Hedda Gabler  1998  "Phelps West blazingly inhabits Henrik Ibsen’s treacherously bored pistol-loving housewife. One foot firmly planted in the old timey, larger-than-life school of thespianism, Phelps West also evokes the most up-to-minute persona. Phelps West is mesmerizing…"


Atlanta Journal Constitution  The Angel  Angels In America  1994  "Audiences agree that Phelps West sounds the way an angel should. The actress’ commanding and mellifluous speaking voice, one of the finest in Atlanta theatre, makes her ideal for aristocratic roles...and larger than life eccentrics. 'Jessica’s voice,' says director Kenny Leon, 'has the purity of a waterfall.'"

Atlanta Journal Constitution  Lettice  Lettice and Lovage  1993  "Jessica Phelps West brings her considerable theatrical and comedic powers to bear in the role of eccentric British tour guide Lettice Douffet."

Atlanta Journal Constitution  Julia  Fallen Angels  1991  "Ms. Phelps West has a marvelous stage voice that can swoop and burrow into every line to pluck out its jewels of comic nuance. Her Julia is the essence of unflappability."

Atlanta Journal Constitution  Nova  Miracle Man  1991  "Jessica Phelps is a comic epiphany…"

Atlanta Journal-Constitution  Queen Elizabeth I  Elizabeth The Queen  1990  "Welcome to the coronation of Jessica Phelps West stepping out as one of Atlanta’s premiere actresses with an astonishing performance in Maxwell Anderson’s 'Elizabeth the Queen.' To paraphrase Hamlet on his dead father, Ms. Phelps West has 'the eye of Mars and a voice to command.'"

Creative Loafing  Wife  Rashomon  1988  "Jessica Phelps West, as the Samurai’s wife, moved beautifully; her kimono seemed as natural to her as her own clothes, and she allowed her costume to influence the way she gestured. She combined within her characterization those two essential qualities of the play: elegance and savagery."

Southline  Alice  Alice!  1987  "Jessica Phelps makes a terrific, funny Alice. Unlike Carroll’s proper, brittle child, she ranges from polite confusion to existential speculation to rage."